Terms and Conditions Website Renewal

Website Hosting Renewal Policy

  1. Renewal Notice: The client acknowledges and agrees that all website hosting services provided by Creative Marketing are subject to renewal at the end of the subscription period.
  2. Renewal Due Date: The renewal date for the client’s website hosting services shall be 2 weeks prior, which marks the end of the current subscription period.
  3. Payment Deadline: The client shall remit payment for the renewal of hosting services within two weeks (14 calendar days) from the renewal date specified in clause 2.
  4. Consequences of Non-Payment: In the event that payment is not received within the stipulated two-week period from the renewal date, Creative Marketing reserves the right to initiate the process of removing the client’s website from our hosting services.
  5. Notification of Removal Process: Prior to the commencement of the removal process, Creative Marketing may, at its discretion, send written notification to the client regarding the overdue payment and the impending removal of the website from our hosting services.
  6. Reactivation upon Payment: Should the client make payment after the commencement of the removal process but before the complete removal of the website, Creative Marketing may, at its discretion, reactivate the hosting services upon receipt of the full payment. Reactivation may be subject to additional fees or conditions as determined by Creative Marketing.
  7. Termination of Services: Failure to make payment within a reasonable period after the renewal date may result in the termination of the hosting services, leading to the permanent removal of the client’s website from our hosting servers. Termination may also result in the loss of data associated with the website.
  8. Contact Information: Clients are encouraged to promptly contact [Your Company Name] at [Contact Information] in case of payment-related queries or concerns to avoid the consequences outlined in this policy.

To Pay for your Renewal please follow this link and state your domain name and business name for reference: PAY HERE



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